Vegan Wine

Certified Vegan?

Karlo Estates is the World’s first Vegan Certified Winery. Why it matters:

We are the first Certified Vegan winery in the World. This vegan certification is a result of our belief in the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle on health and environmental welfare.

After watching the documentary “Forks Over Knives” we made a conscious decision to direct our dollars towards a plant-based economy.


Wines aren’t vegan? They’re made from grapes, aren’t they?

It is a common practice to use animal products in the clarification of wine.  This includes egg whites; casein derived from milk; gelatine coming from animal tissues, and isinglass, derived from dried fish bladders. These proteins are used to reduce both tannin and bitterness.

At Karlo Estates, we take extra care in crafting our wines; reducing the need for protein additions. However, if we need them, we use protein derived from potato or pumpkin.

For other clarification purposes we use natural based products like bentonite clay.

Karlo wines are certified Vegan by the Canadian body VegeCert who reviewed Karlo’s winemaking, confirming all processes and supplies were vegan to certify the winery. We pay a yearly membership fee and in return, Vegecert audits our practice to ensure our wines are truly of the earth.

We see the trend continuing. The United Nations called all member countries to adopt a plant based diet to reduce carbon emissions to help the environment and save the planet.

Cornell and Harvard universities recommend that the optimum amount of meat in a healthy human diet is zero.

Many celebrities have become Vegan including Bill Clinton, Brad Pitt, Carl Lewis, James Cameron, Demi Moore, Michelle Pfeiffer and Bryan Adams. This has brought much needed profile to the benefits of this compassionate approach to living that sees all living creatures connected as one. The monks believed a grasshopper could be the Buddha, so they kill no one.

Veganism is the fastest growing movement in the world now. There are over 180 million humans eating plant-based diets, and the number keeps increasing. The vegan trend is growing fastest in North America and the United Kingdom.

On average people adopting a vegan diet live 15 years longer than those who are omnivores. That’s 15 more years to enjoy good wine.


So what’s that like?

Well, it’s more difficult to make vegan wines because we’ve created a tighter box in which to play, there is less room for correcting mistakes, so we have to get it right the first time. But the results are in the glass. Somehow it just seems to taste better on our palate. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Cheers!