2017 Gewurztraminer


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2017 Gewurztraminer
12.5% alc./vol. 750mL
Dry White Wine
Best enjoyed now to 2021

Tasting Notes

Our Gewürztraminer is a pale, golden yellow colour with the aroma of a spring meadow in bloom with lilac, honeysuckle and lavender, followed by spices of cinnamon, allspice and Turkish delight on the nose. A fruit bowl of lychee, grapefruit, pineapple, peach, apricot and cantaloupe on the palate finishes with a mineral note.

Winemaker’s Notes

Because this wine has such a beautiful nose, we didn’t want to “gild the lily” so we kept it bone dry.

Vintner’s Note

We’re called “Karlo Estates” with an “s” because we get our grapes in three ways. We have estate-grown, County-grown and Ontario-grown from Niagara Peninsula and Vineland to get varieties that don’t ripen in the County or in order to make wines in a stylistically different way.

This “Gevurtz” comes from Niagara Peninsula. Since the best winemaking is done in the vineyard, our winemaker commissions the vineyard in the spring, works with the Vineyard Manager to dictate the care program of the vines, what the crop load will be and when we will harvest. We work with long-term relationships in mind and believe the best winemaking is done in the vineyard.

Pairing Notes

Pair with exotic, spicy cuisine or enjoy during a sunset. Nuts, dried fruits, squash, artichokes, coconut, eggplant and spicy curries make perfect pairings.